2016 Presidential race: Who will win?

The clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is turning increasingly bitter and personal. The US 2016 presidential elections are turning into an affair that concerns everybody and everyone in the world has something or the other to add to their views.


Overtime, we have seen Hillary’s rise and her clear vision and the results they are producing. She’s been leading the campaign by double- digits up until April 19. Meanwhile, Trump has emerged out as an unquestionable candidate who’s spearheaded towards his mission. Let’s analyse the major PROS and CONS of both the candidates.

Donald Trump is an established brand in himself so much so that his very name represents ‘wealth’. He has inherited a multi-million dollars worth of business. A lot of Trump supporters are of the opinion that, if he manages the country the way he does his organization-it would scale up the stakes of America and would bring lot of benefits.

He is bold and says what he means, which is yet another interpretation of Trump supporters of his erratic outbursts such as the one in which he goes on vehemently speaking about sexual assault and groping women. The very idea that, you can do anything to a women, speaks mountains about his character. Despite such lewd comments, Trump has been turning many heads towards his favour as his supporters are of the opinion that everyone is aware of his luxurious shady lifestyle and the fact that he owned a strip club and it doesn’t concern them, as is evident from his journey so far. Bill Clinton himself was his replica and the fact that his wife is up for the same position doesn’t make any difference between Trump and her.

Hillary on the other hand, happens to be one of the most educated women to campaign for elections (she’s more educated than Bill and Obama combined and yes, she’s a woman). She has been a lawyer, US Senator and has even campaigned for elections before. Basically, she’s no Donald Trump- which is her biggest upside and is pretty self-explanatory. She devoted her early years towards political activism, practicing law, becoming a skilled lawyer in the process. She happens to know everything about foreign policy and has a lot of exposure.

She’s a  uniter and  progressive thinker. Donald Trump is downright depressing and all he ever speaks is to grow divisiveness in the country (and in the world).  She’s committed and is concerned to work towards Climate change, which gives all the more reasons to elect her as the president.

Even though Hillary seems to be the obvious choice, she has been quoted as ‘way too hawkish’ – one who is eager to use force to prove she’s not a weak woman. Her primary disadvantage is all of the baggage she will bring, everything from Whitewater, Vince Foster and Bill’s women to Benghazi. When enduring outbreaks on scandals and other things, she make the matter worse with lack of transparency and overall coldness.

In this battle of image, no modern candidate has entered the fray at this point of the race with deeper negatives than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. By that measure both have long way to go before November!


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