Is India under the likely event of a War?

Though, the after-effects on the Indian stock markets, of the news release of surgical strikes have been calmed down, there still remains an air of tension in the country about the likely event of a war being triggered by Pakistan.

The Pakistani Government and the Army Chief have not accepted the fact that India had carried out a surgical strike and believes that it was a Bogus drama from the Indian side,

In a statement, a Pakistani military spokesman called India’s announcement a “fabrication” and “an illusion being deliberately generated by India to create false effects.”3-the-news_093016044604

Then why are we hearing these stories from the Pakistani government and media:

“If India tries to do this again, we will respond forcefully,” Pakistan’s defense minister, Khawaja Asif, said in a statement. “India is doing this only to please their media and public.”

 If India didn’t do the surgical strikes and it is all drama then why are they getting so angry about it and saying that if India tries to do it again they will respond forcefully?

“The Pakistanis, as usual are once again caught into their own net of lies :P”

The fact is known to one and all in India; we believe in Indian Army and the false claims of the Pakistani government. People asking for the proof of the surgical strikes, are being mocked in the Pakistan’s Media, are questioning the Indian Army’s claim about the same.

The reason may be any, but what if the Ruling Government in India releases the video of the surgical strikes?

Will this trigger questions on the face of the Pakistani Army and Government by the media and other nations of the “false” claims that they have been making about no likely occurrence of the surgical strikes along the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) area across the Indian Border?

We shall not know now what the PM is likely to decide and what may lead to the turn of events after the decision “to the release the video of the surgical strikes that took place on the 29th of September’16” but, it shall sure lead to a turn of unlikely events from Pakistan, which may have multi-faceted impacts.

Some of which have been noted here:

The day after the release of the news about these attacks, the Indian stock markets, BSE tanked over 500 points and Nifty suffered big jolt, which took the index near its crucial support level at 8,600, 
Though the fluctuations in the market are the normal course of the cycle but it certainly connects to the fact that the market plunged due to the fears arising in Investors about the likely hood of a war.

Carrying out strikes on hostile neighbouring soil does rise speculation of war which in turn spreads panic. War is something that brings destruction to both nations to varying extent. Markets react to every positive or negative speculation in respective ways. Trade market as a whole is tantamount to economic condition of a country. When there is a negative forecast of economy due to rising friction along LOC, obviously investors will be on urge to withdraw their investments in markets.

Even in the unlikely event of a war being triggered, India is sure to give a befitting reply and defeat Pakistan, as it happens to be strategically stronger and has guaranteed support from nations around the world due to its strong diplomatic alliances formed in the recent years.

Though, the war is sure to cause a huge loss to the Economy and Nation as a whole. It will cause a loss of lives, resources and a drain of wealth. The mere thought of imagining a war situation in the country brings cold shivers and goose bumps. India will take decades to rise and shine again. Because once the damage is done, recovery takes time.

Note: The ideas in this blog are from the viewpoint of the author and the team. 


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